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Upcoming Projects

At CCHR, we are constantly working to ensure the welfare of the horses in our care. We have a number of upcoming projects and initiatives that require support from animal lovers like you. If you would like more details on any CCHR projects, please email CCHR at

Solar Power for the CCHR Barn

Solar power system and panels to power the Rescue's barn and surrounding areas. 

The CCHR barn currently does not have electricity. It runs off of generator power as needed. Electrifying the barn with solar power will ensure greater safety and increased well-being for the horses and rescue volunteers. 

New Round Pen for Increased Safety

A 60' covered round exercise pen with tall, heavy-duty panels.  

Permanent Paving of Ranch Roads

Permanent road cover of Rescue driveway and other ranch vehicle driving areas.

For the safety of the ranch, the horses, and volunteers, CCHR is seeking to place permanent pavement on its main road and in a few areas that need vehicle access. 

Air-Composting System for Manure Management

Manure composting area with concrete base and air-composting system. 

CCHR strives to be responsible caretakers of not only its ranch but for the community and environment.

An air-composting system will make it possible to safely and thoroughly compost equine manure so it does not have an impact on the environment. Currently manure is removed from the property in roll-off displosal containers. 

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