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"I think the universe is on my side"

I think the universe is on my side

Heaven and Earth have finally aligned

Days are good, and that's the way it should be


A few months ago, we shared a photo that was difficult to see. It depicted a thin, dejected horse standing in our quarantine pen. While images like this are rarely a visible part of CCHR's stories of hope, we felt compelled to share it. It represented the harsh reality some horses face, and the desperate situations that lead them to our rescue. CCHR, however, is a place of hope. That photo, as difficult as it was to see, marked a turning point for this beautiful mare. It was the last time she would be seen in such a state.

We named her Jupiter, a tribute to one of our dedicated supporters and a name rich with symbolism. In astrology, Jupiter embodies these five symbolic meanings and these meanings shine brightly in Jupiter's life at CCHR:

  • Growth:  (Jupiter, now flourishing, has seen her world expand alongside her health and strength).

  • Abundance:   (At CCHR, Jupiter found not just safety, but also the love and care she needed to heal).

  • Wisdom:   (Jupiter's gentle and affectionate nature speaks volumes. She knew she had reached a haven of peace and love at CCHR).

  • Optimism:   (From the very beginning, we knew Jupiter's spirit could soar again).

  • Luck:   (Jupiter found her way to us at CCHR!)

  • Risk-taking:   (Rehabilitation has presented new challenges, but Jupiter faces them head-on).

Jupiter's journey beautifully reflects each of these symbolic meanings. We've witnessed her incredible growth, the abundance of love she receives, and the wisdom she seems to possess. Her optimism is infectious, and her resilience undeniable. We knew from the start that this mare was destined for a brighter future.

Right now, Jupiter continues to thrive in our care. When the time comes, we'll find her the perfect forever home, a loving companion to share her future with. Until then, we'll nurture her spirit and help her shine brighter than ever before.

So, the next time you gaze at the night sky, seek out the brightest object you can find. There's a good chance it's Jupiter, not just a celestial body, but a beacon of hope for all the rescued horses at CCHR.

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