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From the darkness into the light

On August 15th of 2023 we announced the passing of our beloved sanctuary horse Cheyenne. Our beautiful boy left the world that afternoon after consultation with our veterinarian. Cheyenne had battled against severe cellulitis and his final bout completely devastated his previously injured/scarred leg.

While we were left brokenhearted we were also left to celebrate the last several years of Cheyenne's life at CCHR. Scheduled to be euthanized by the authorities, because he had been deemed to be violent with people, Cheyenne was rescued by CCHR. With time, care, and understanding, this horse, who initially did try to hurt people, revealed himself to be a frightened and formerly severely abused horse. The horse who slowly reappeared at CCHR loved children and dogs, had a quirky sense of humor, and learned how to trust again. He also found "his" human in his pal Adri.

Cheyenne showed us the cruelties of people and how dark the world can be for abused animals but he also showed us that there is a world of hope and possibility if people care and want to help animals in need. He witnessed both the dark and the light and happily was able to bask in the warmth of love and security at CCHR until he left us under bright blue skies at the ranch home he loved so well.

He was our teacher and continues to be our inspiration as we help bring more horses back into the light.

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